My Favorite Things


As April comes to a close I thought this might be a good time to tell you about the things I’m loving this month.

First, living in the San Francisco Bay area in April mean roses are coming into bloom.

Here are few photos I took of some of the beautiful blooms

20160408_083657 20160402_091945 20160411_104848 20160402_092327

They are just breathtaking, beautiful and smell amazing!

I’m loving blue nail polish this season!


and also white!


The boutique started carrying a new makeup primer called Velvet Veil and a new Setting Spray.  The primer is amazing, so silky soft.  It helps fill in pores and smooth the skin for a fantastic makeup application.


You can purchase Velvet Veil here.

The Setting spray is also wonderful! My clients are loving how long their makeup is stay, without needing to retouch.


So these are few of the things I’m loving this month.

What are you loving?  What special new product have you found, I would love to hear about it!


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